Diverse bilete

Denne hausten flytter Ingrid og Odd Arne til Kaupanger. Bilete frå flyttinga og frå vår vitjing i Oslo. (Ingrid and Odd Arne move from Oslo to Kaupanger where they have bought a new home, and Ragnhild and I spend a weekend in Oslo with our "Children"

Ingrid and Odd Arne's new home in Kaupanger

A nice autumn day

A break during the moving-in-work: Odd Arne and Stein Magnar

Stein Magnar and Øystein enjoying Ragnhild's applecake

Ove Elnar og Øystein

Gro and Anne Nina

The mothers with their babies

In an Oslo restaurant: Bjarte, Inger-Ann, Ingrid and Odd Arne

Synnøve, Øystein, Ragnhild and Oddvar

The young ones eating in the kitchen

Bjarte, Jon Sivert og Ragnhild

Synnøve, Øystein, Ellen og Odd Arne

A lot of work when people move to a new place

Their new kitchen

Ingrid serving a nice meal. (Before all the boxes are packed out)

Eating faarikaal