Our holiday in France July/August 2003

Ragnhild and I went to St. Rafael on the the French Mediterranean coast with Ragnhild's sister Ellen and her husband Jon Sivert on the 24th of July and stayed there for a week. We rented a flat near the ocean with a private beach. A wonderful place to stay! We rented a car a went to many interesting places. Some pictures follow if you want to view them, but it will take some time to download all the pictures if you have got a slow connection! But be patient!

On the plane

Ellen, Jon Sivert and Ragnhild with the car we rented

A stroll on the cliffs

We enjoyed sitting in our garden

A part of the Frejus beach



On a boattrip to St. Tropez

The making of crÍpes in St Tropez

An old street in St Tropez


Stade de Nautic in Monte Carlo

A part of the harbour in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo seen from the Grimaldi height

The Palace in Monte Carlo

Nice houses and expensive yachts in Monte Carlo

Ellen in our kitchen

Breakfast in our garden

Tasty food, but not gammalost this time

On the cliffs