Visitors from the US 3rd to 5th of June 2008

Donna Newman, with great granddad from Solvorn, and her friend Marilyn Gorney visited Sogn

Having a meal, overlooking Kaupanger

Ragnhild, Marilyn and Donna with Kaupanger in the background

Donna and Oddvar. The mountain called Bleia in the background

At the cemetery in Solvorn

Donna in great granddad's rocking chair

Solvorn in the background

A part of Solvorn

Marilyn, Donna, Marit, Per and Ragnhild

On Vardahei early in the morning, a place with a nice view, as the following photos will show.

It's Donna's birthday, and Ragnhild serves her a cake and we sing for her

Visiting Marit and Per